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With that said, away we go!!!!

Free Agency:

Having scanned a few stories recently (Thank you to ESPN, MLB.com and Yahoo), I’m finding that owners are at it again with contracts that would make most peoples’ eyes bulge. If you ask what I am referring to, I am referring to the contract that Tampa Bay gave to Evan Longoria. Yes, I understand that this is a well-deserved extension and he is actually being underpaid, but as it was put to me, He’s Earned it!!

Most people are wondering where Zack Grenike will wind up. My bet lies with the Dodgers. The Rangers will make a serious bid to grab him, but the Dodgers finally have money to burn after the McCourt fiasco.

Toronto is already a favorite of mine for an early winner in the off-season, while Miami gets the booby prize. This may change after the GM Meetings.

A final thought for you all, I am glad BJ Upton did not land in the NL West. Atlanta gets a fantastic outfielder, but does this mean San Francisco goes after Josh Hamilton? Stay Tuned….


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